How Do You Remove Hardened Tartar

Ways To Get Rid Of Tartar Naturally:

Understanding the makeup of tartar helps us identify an effective natural treatment. We know that tartar is mostly created by calcium deposits and bacteria. Hence, any cure should be able to dissolve away calcium and attack germs as well. Now, knowing that, we are one step closer to detecting viable remedies. Most certainly, you’re already thinking about the many possible alternatives to cure tartar. For that reason, we shall describe a few that we feel are good. , Use these medicines at most two to three times a week.

Baking Soda:

. All you need to do is combine a teaspoon of baking soda in your toothpaste solution. Apply the mixture to your teeth and let it sit for at least 15 minutes.


The next on the list is our favorite kitchen acid. Apart from antibacterial characteristics, vinegar can cut through tartar. Rinse a combination of vinegar and saltwater completely and then spit it out. Afterward, rinse your mouth with lukewarm water to eliminate any remains of the preceding acidic solution.

Fruits Rich In Vitamin C:

If you are concerned about the regular usage of synthetic vinegar, vitamin c rich foods are an excellent option.  Plus, such fruits are slightly acidic. Bulls Eye! We achieved both calcium cutting and antibacterial capabilities in a single berry.

To employ this wonderful cure, place the lemon or orange peel on your teeth and towards the gumline. Let the application rest for 15 minutes before washing. Furthermore, you may smash fresh portions of fruits and add a bit of water and salt to form a toothpaste solution.


The fruit as well as its leaves can aid in eradicating plaque and tartar naturally. They are both powerful and effective anti-plaque agents. Not only this, it can assist in lowering gum swelling as well This will lower the chance of plaque formation on teeth. You may also take unripe guava, sprinkle salt over it and eat it once or twice a day.


White vinegar

White vinegar contains antimicrobial qualities which can aid in the elimination of plaque and tartar and prevent their formation. The acetic acid in white vinegar increases the demineralization of dental enamel. Prepare a white vinegar solution and used it as a mouthwash daily.  Stir it thoroughly and use it twice a day to rinse your mouth.

Apply vitamin C rich foods

Vitamin C-rich foods like strawberries and tomatoes have antibacterial qualities and function by eliminating germs from the mouth thereby avoiding tartar development. Prepare a pulp of tomatoes and strawberries and put on your teeth and let it on for 5 minutes. Wash it off. Repeat this two times a week till you see the change.

Eating spicy foods

This one is a simple home cure to get rid of tartar on your teeth. Eating spicy meals stimulates saliva production in your mouth which assists in cleaning teeth and gums.


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