No court shall take cognizance of offence punishable under this Act except upon a complaint in writing made by Appropriate Government or Appropriate Commission or any of their officer authorized by them or a Chief Electrical Inspector or an Electrical Inspector or Licensee or the generating company, as the case may be, for this purpose.

Provided that the court may also take cognizance of offence punishable under this Act upon a report of a police officer filed under section 173 of the code of Criminal Procedure Code, 1973.

Provided further that a special court constituted under section 153 shall be competent to take cognizance of the offence without the accused being committed to it for trial (amendment in 2007)

Section: 152 – Compounding of Offence

(2) On payment of the sum of Money in accordance with sub-section (1), any person in custody in connection with that offence shall be set at liberty and no proceedings shall be instituted or continued against such consumer or person in any criminal court.

(3) The acceptance of the sum of Money for compounding an offence in accordance with sub-section (1) by the Appropriate Government or an officer authorized in this behalf empowered in this behalf shall be deemed to amount to an acquittal within the meaning of section 300 of CrPC.

Section: 153: Special Courts

  • The State Government may, for the purposes of providing speedy trail of offences referred to in sections [135 to 140 and 150] by notification in the Official Gazette, constitute as many Special Courts as may be necessary for such area of areas, as may be specified in the notification.

Section: 154. Procedure and Power of Special Court.

  • Notwithstanding anything contained in the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973, every offence punishable under sections [135 to 140 and 150] shall be triable only by the Special Court within whose jurisdiction such offence has been committed.
  • Where it appears to any court in the course of any inquiry or trial that an offence punishable under sections [135 to 140 and 150] in respect of any offence that the case is one which is triable by a Special Court constituted under this Act for the area in which such case has arisen, it shall transfer such case to such Special Court and thereupon such case shall be tried and disposed of by such Special Court in accordance with the provisions of this Act.





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