What Is The Biggest Diamond In The World?

1. Cullinan I

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A part of the most important diamond crystal to be ever located, the three,107-carat Cullinan diamond become additionally found at the most excellent mine in 1905. In 1907, the province of Transvaal colonial government bought the hard Cullinan and proficient it to British King Edward VII on his 66th birthday for granting Transvaal its very own charter the previous year. Named after the mine’s founder sir Thomas Cullinan, the challenge of reducing the stone changed into entrusted with the aid of King Edward vii to expert diamond cutter Joseph Asscher.

After nearly six months, it become reduced into nine major and 96 minor diamonds in February 1908, at the same time as about 19. 5 carats of the authentic stone changed into left out as unpolished hard.

The most important cut of the unique diamond, the Cullinan I or the great superstar of Africa, changed into reducing into the shape of a pear and has 74 aspects. It is the second-largest diamond within the international. Set inside the British royal scepter, the Cullinan I is on show inside the Tower of London with the rest of the crown jewels.

2. Incomparable Diamond 33

The Incomparable Diamond at the Royal Ontario Museum - The Beading Gem's Journal

Found inside the nineteen eighties as an 890-carat difficult stone using a young woman in a pile of mining rubble from the nearby Miba diamond mine within the metropolis of Mbuji Mayi, democratic republic of congo, the 407. 48-carat incomparable is the 0. 33-biggest diamond within the international.

The stone found its manner via Africa to de beers director sir Philip Oppenheimer, earlier than it becomes then offered to texas-primarily based jewelry save chain Zale agency in partnership with big apple’s surest gemstones agency.

Following a 4-year cutting and shaping manner, the herbal deep-yellow guard step-cut diamond turned into later put up for the show on the Smithsonian institute’s herbal records wing, Washington D.C., in 1984. It turned into later made the centerpiece of a necklace created by Lebanese jeweler Mouawad, which has ninety other white diamonds accompanying it on a vine leaf-formed rose gold chain.

Unveiled on the Doha jewelry and watch exhibition in 2013, Mouawad’s 637-carat incomparable is the world’s 2d-maximum costly necklace and is worth an estimated $55m.

3. The Excelsior Diamond

excelsior diamond — Reena Ahluwalia Blog — REENA AHLUWALIA

On a scale of 995. 2 carats the excelsior diamond takes 1/3 region in the line-up. Observed in South Africa, it took a long term for the diamond to be sold. Seemingly, no person could afford it.
After a while, it become sent to Amsterdam to be cut into 10 smaller treasured stones. The largest diamond, excelsior i, became sooner or later offered for $2. 64 million.

4. The Star Of Sierra Leone


The only type of diamond became found in 1972, on valentine’s day in a river near Koidu, in Sierra Leone.

The hard diamond weighed an estimated 968.9 carats and become purchased through Harry Winston for r34 million. The star of sierra leone remains to be the fourth-largest gem-first-class diamond and considered one of the biggest alluvial mining diamonds ever to be found.

5. The Lesotho Legend

Heera Zhaveraat

This stone, on the scale of two golfing balls, weighs a pretty 910 carats and for this reason, takes 5th location. The diamond isn’t simplest very massive however also has a d-color sorting and an IIA readability rating. Those are the nice ratings a colorless diamond can get. As a result, the Lesotho legend is the sector’s largest heart-shaped diamond.
The colorless internally faultless diamond of 56. 15 carats was originally a part of the mythical Cullinan. the diamond turned into put to public sale by using Christie’s on valentine’s day 2011. That’s in which the romantic nickname ‘love at the start sight’ came from. The cutting-edge proprietor paid nothing much less than eleven million greenbacks for it.


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