Why Diamonds Are So Expensive And Rare?

Mining Diamonds Costs A Lot

Diamonds are rare. All of the gem-fine diamonds ever mined would match in a single London double-decker bus. Many jewelers have by no means even seen a d ideal diamond in character. There are only 53 places within the globe with enough diamonds for business mining.

The last one became determined two decades in the past. That’s why mining businesses are willing to invest thousands and thousands of bucks in setting up mines in crazy foreign places like underneath a lake inside the Canadian tundra, in the center of the desert in Botswana, or on the sea ground off the coast of Namibia.

The Bigger The Diamond, The More It Costs

At the same time as this isn’t always absolutely incorrect, it’s not entirely proper, either. The size or carat weight of a diamond is the most effective aspect in calculating the fee of the diamond. Referred to as the “four c’s,” carat, readability, color and cut together tell the rate of a diamond.

No unmarried characteristic outweighs some others; they all make contributions and have an effect on the very last retail price. For example, you can have a whopping 10-karat diamond, however, if its clarity is low, it does now not guarantee the massive stone may be worth more than a smaller-sized diamond with perfect readability.

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Are Diamonds Rare?

While you shell out more money on a diamond, there are all sorts of lies you tell yourself to make this transaction sense higher:

a diamond engagement ring is a once-in-a-lifetime present (with any luck). A diamond is my own family heirloom my fantastic-brilliant-grandchildren will choose me by using. A diamond is rare and that’s why they cost a lot as a kidney transplant.
Two of the above statements are proper.

Unluckily on your wallet, it’s now not the final one. If diamonds aren’t uncommon, why are they priced like all of the mines have closed up save? Specifically, there are fantastic, and sincerely rare gemstones from now depleted mines, like the sea-blue Paraiba tourmalines from brazil.

Which Diamond Shape Is Most Expensive?

Pricing for every different diamond shape isn’t always the same. Based on the specifics of a particular shape, nearly 40 to 65% of the original stone weight is lost. This is one of the most essential elements that determine the fee of a shape. For instance, a princess reduces diamond wastes handiest 40% of the rough stone, whilst an oval can waste as much as 45%.

Primarily based on the same, spherical cut diamonds are the maximum high-priced. As soon as the entire slicing and sprucing are finished, the diamond most effective keeps around 35% of the initial stone, and then discarded part of the hard cannot be in addition used.

Diamonds Are Precious Stones

“Treasured” is way valuable. In the 18th century, a french jeweler started out describing gemstones as both valuable or semiprecious stones. Whilst you’ll find these classes still utilized in merchandising, expert gemologists frown upon these phrases.

This difference has no real means. As an example, garnet gemstones historically fall into the semi-precious category. Despite the fact that tsavorite garnets, as an instance, have sold for as an awful lot as $10,000 per carat. That appears quite “valuable” to me!


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